What is a CEMT permit?

What is a CEMT permit?

A CEMT permit stands for "Conférence Européenne des Ministres des Transports" (European Conference of Ministers of Transport). It is a permit used for international road transport of goods on the roads of participating countries in Europe. The CEMT permit is designed to regulate and harmonize cross-border road freight transport between European countries.

A CEMT permit is valid for one calendar year and can serve as a substitute for separate permissions for individual trips in different countries. However, it is required that the vehicle periodically return to its home country. In addition, the vehicle used must meet established standards for noise and exhaust emissions, as well as safety regulations.

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Frequently asked questions about the CEMT license

    In which countries does the CEMT license apply?

    The ECMT treaty covers 44 participating countries, including all European Union member states. Within the European Union, a Euro authorization is sufficient for transport activities. However, for transport between an EU country and a non-EU country, some EU countries require a special permit called a trip authorization for third-country transport. This type of transport can also be carried out with a CEMT permit as coverage.

    Do I need a CEMT permit for transportation on the UK?

    No, an agreement has been reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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