All about NCTS

All about NCTS

The New Computerized Transit System (NCTS) is a system designed to simplify and modernize the handling of Community and Common Transit.

What is NCTS?

NCTS is the digital system used by participating countries in the Customs Union and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) to manage transit procedures. The system maintains the accuracy and efficiency of transit procedures and facilitates the faster movement of goods.

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How does NCTS work?

NCTS works by digitally processing and sharing all necessary information related to the shipment of goods. Important details such as the identity of the sender and receiver are part of this information. It is crucial that these details are accurate because they are the parties responsible for the transfer of the goods. By having this information available digitally, shippers and receivers can easily access it when needed, further improving efficiency.

Also, the information processed by the NCTS includes details about the type and quantity of goods being shipped. This information is essential for customs authorities to know what types and quantities of goods are being transported. Not only does this help ensure accurate tracking of trade rules, but it also facilitates a smooth customs process.


Benefits of NCTS

NCTS offers numerous benefits to business and commerce, including expedited customs procedures, increased accuracy of documentation, enhanced data security, and a more responsive and efficient tracking and tracing system.

Frequently asked questions about NCTS

    Who uses NCTS and why is it important?

    Companies that import and export goods within the Customs Union and EFTA use NCTS. The system is important because it provides an efficient and accurate way for these companies to meet their customs obligations and to move their goods in a smooth and legally approved manner.

    What will happen to the NCTS in 2024?

    As of December 2, 2024, there will be a change in the transit process. On this date, NCTS will no longer be used; instead, the Customs Transport Application (DVA) will be implemented.