How do I obtain an NIWO permit?

What is the NIWO permit?

The NIWO permit refers to a permit issued in the Netherlands by the National and International Road Transport Organization Foundation (NIWO). This permit is required for transport companies and independent transport operators engaged in the international road transport of goods.

The NIWO license is important to ensure that transport companies and drivers meet certain requirements and participate in a controlled and regulated industry. The license is necessary to ensure the reliability and quality of international road haulage.

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What do you need to apply for NIWO?

To qualify for an NIWO license, transport companies and independent transport operators must meet several conditions, including financial stability, suitable vehicles, insurance, professional competence of drivers and compliance with European regulations related to road transport.

Not having the required NIWO license can lead to legal problems and fines for transportation companies and drivers who transport goods internationally. Thus, it is essential for companies and entrepreneurs in the transportation industry to ensure that they meet the licensing requirements to operate legally and compliantly.

Frequently asked questions about the NIWO license

    How long is an NIWO permit valid?

    The period of validity of an NIWO permit can vary and depends on several factors. It is advisable to check the validity period with the authority that issued the permit.

    Can I transfer my NIWO license to someone else?

    In most cases, it is not possible to transfer an NIWO permit to someone else. The permit is usually linked to the specific company or person who obtained it.

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